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We Are Data Revolution
We help great companies simplify and take control of their Technology
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We help great companies simplify and take control of their Technology

We Are Data Revolution

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Restaurant Technology Enabled, Not Technology Hindered

The restaurant industry has embraced technology in many ways but what some businesses are finding is that with every new application they add, complexity increases, new issues pop up, and what was supposed to be a time saver turns out to be a time drain.

End your technology issues so you can focus on more important things

Data Revolution understands that you are in a fast-paced, customer service business that demands operations that are PCI Compliant.

Our local customers are more than willing to tell you about how we keep them connected and protected so they can focus on taking care of their own customers.

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Protect your business from phishing attacks, hackers, and other threats.
24/7 monitoring for safety and security as well as ad hoc support for any issues.
End to end management of your business email through Office 365.
Full support and management of your Microsoft suite.
Going beyond simply recovering data, we offer complete business continuity solutions, including storing copies of data locally and in the cloud.
In addition to real-time ransomware protection, we can bare-metal restore a server and instantly have you back with yesterday’s data.
We live in the world of “My printer won’t print.” – Call us.

Now that we have Data Revolution, I feel that Sidelines Sports Bar and Restaurant has the best and most updated technology available. The peace of mind that comes with knowing our internet service has a reliable back up and knowing we will never go offline is invaluable.

Before Data Revolutions, Sidelines would experience numerous issues with our credit card processing. Those issues have been solved, and the managers can now focus and spend time in more needed areas of running a restaurant. However, the most important factor with regards to my satisfaction is the service and support we receive.

In this day and age, to be able to pick up the phone and directly speak to a live person, and have the question or issue handled immediately is almost unheard of. But you get that. The question will be answered and the problem will be solved. I am very happy with Data Revolution and would recommend this company to any other business.

Jim Amberson
Owner, Sidelines Sports Bar and Restaurant

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Comprehensive Technology Services Include…

Network Support

Router Settings & Security Updates
Backup Monitoring
Domain Name Maintenance Tasks
Network Issues
Software Issues
Network Upgrades

Desktop Support

Workstation Tidy Up
Antivirus Updates & Maintenance
Printer Preferences Set Up
Software Installation
Computer Setup & Optimization
Printer, Fax, Scanner Issues

User Support

Office 365 User Maintenance
Active Directory Maintenance Task
Email Issues
Administration & Accounts

Server Support

Group Policy Maintenance
Server OS Updates
Backup Services


Managed Enterprise Antivirus
PC Clean Up
Virus, Malware & Junkware Issues


Minimum Response Time
QA Job Checking
Vendor Management
Telecom Expense Management.