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We Are Data Revolution
We help great companies simplify and take control of their Technology
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We help great companies simplify and take control of their Technology

We Are Data Revolution

Camera Systems

An affordable, proactive, outsourced camera system solution is a click away

Data Revolution can professionally install a complete surveillance system for your business premises. With a variety of camera options, we are able to meet your specific needs and budget.

Day or night, indoor or outdoor, remotely or on-site, our solution will give you clear video footage that you can access and share at any time.

The reality is that camera systems deter vandalism and theft. They’re also useful when you have an event where proof is hard to negate when it’s captured on camera.

Click below to get a free consultation and together we can tailor the perfect solution for your needs.

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Day or night, our crystal clear high definition imagery keeps your business protected.
Our camera solutions run on a high-performance PC.
Connect 2 – 64 cameras.
Quickly add storage if you need to keep recordings for a longer duration (i.e. 60 days of footage).
Access your camera system on the go with any smartphone device.
360 degree coverage with motion sensor technology.

Comprehensive IT Services Include…

Network Support

Router Settings & Security Updates
Backup Monitoring
Domain Name Maintenance Tasks
Network Issues
Software Issues
Network Upgrades

Desktop Support

Workstation Tidy Up
Antivirus Updates & Maintenance
Printer Preferences Set Up
Software Installation
Computer Setup & Optimization
Printer, Fax, Scanner Issues

User Support

Office 365 User Maintenance
Active Directory Maintenance Task
Email Issues
Administration & Accounts

Server Support

Group Policy Maintenance
Server OS Updates
Backup Services


Managed Enterprise Antivirus
PC Clean Up
Virus, Malware & Junkware Issues


Minimum Response Time
QA Job Checking
Vendor Management
Telecom Expense Management.