What Exactly is a Cloud Based Phone (VoIP)?

Cloud-based phone services, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), don’t rely on on-site hardware but rather route all calls through a broadband internet connection. For a small business owner this means that your company can avoid the pitfalls of maintaining a traditional telephone line system and instead utilize an internet connection to make calls. When the technology is available it just does not make sense not to take advantage of it and clear some desk space.

A VoIP or cloud-based phone system works by transferring voice signals between two IP addresses. Here is a step-by-step guide to give you a better idea of how that happens:

  • Step 1:  Voice signals are converted into pieces of data that are small enough to broadcast, with vocal samples being broken down into voice “packets.”
  • Step 2: These packets transfer through the Internet connection to the VoIP provider and are then sent on to the receiver.
  • Step 3: The VoIP provider uses the cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to route the call.
  • Step 4: From that point, call data can be sent to any other VoIP phone or landline.
  • Step 5: When the data arrives at its destination, it converts those “packets” back into voice signals.

A cloud-based phone system runs off-site and allows phones or an app to work via your Internet connection. Because it uses an Internet connection, be it Fibre to 4G, you can connect to our cloud system from anywhere in the world, making it easy to work remotely and internationally.

There are obvious advantages to bypassing the telephone company’s fees and charges and retaining unlimited phone lines while eliminating the need for hardware. Another benefit is having the freedom to communicate with whoever you need to easily and without wondering if someone updated the tabs on the switchboard phone after “Bob” left the office last week. With a cloud-based phone system (VoIP) those lines could be easily configured by your provider at any time without the added hassle of tracking down the instructions to the switchboard and hoping that someone understands them.

While we are here talking about physical phones you may be wondering if you can use your cell phone to make cloud-based calls, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!” There are many ways that a cell phone can integrate with a cloud-based or VoIP phone service. You can utilize an app to make calls, make use of call forwarding and pulling so that you never have to worry about being away from your IP phone, and even have voicemail transcriptions delivered directly to your inbox or via text message.

You may be asking yourself: When should I consider switching to a cloud phone system? Since yesterday has already passed, today would be a good time! Sit down and add up your traditional phone system bills, including the cost of maintaining and replacing assorted pieces of equipment and installations around the office, and then give us a call at Data Revolution. We would be happy to show you how much time and money you can save by utilizing our VoIP Phone Systems!