Why Managed Services?

Why Managed Services?

Why does your Pensacola business need a Pensacola managed service provider?  Many small businesses are faced with challenges surrounding their own technology. For years, the standard best practice has been to purchase computer and network equipment on sale, have a “tech guy” (usually a friend, relative, or that one guy in the office that fixes the printer) set it up, and hunker down in a reactive strategy. By reactive I mean only paying someone to help with an issue after ever other free remedy has been exhausted. I certainly understand that mentality, with my own special flair for thrifty.

The new normal in small business IT support is called Managed Service. It’s a much more proactive strategy.  Rather than waiting until something goes wrong, we are going to try to stave off having tech tragedies by being proactive.  Data Revolution is a Pensacola managed service provider. The question  “why does your local business need a Pensacola managed services provider”  is what we are exploring today.

On the surface, proactive verses reactive makes sense. It’s the same wisdom our parents and grandparents have been trying to instill in us since we were children. “A Stitch in time saves nine,” or “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here are some more specific reasons why your business should consider managed service:

Why Managed Services:

  • Managed services can save you money.
    Outsourcing certain services is no longer a gamble. More and more companies are turning to Managed Service providers (MSPs) for very specific things, such as email hosting, data storage, data backup, both onsite and in the cloud, and even network monitoring. This trend is driven by cost and performance. It costs a small business way less to get Microsoft Office 365 for email than it does to install and maintain a Microsoft Exchange environment. Since outsourced email is very dependable, business owners see this option as having little to no risk. The same is true for many traditionally in-house IT services.
  • Managed service providers are really “partners” of the business.
    If you have no IT staff on payroll, this makes perfect sense. You can get an entire staff of experts, monitoring, support, VoIP, data Backup including cloud backup, and even new network infrastructure for less than you can hire a single IT person with any experience.
  • Managed service augments your in-house IT Staff.
    Augmenting with an MSP frees up existing IT staff to focus on more strategic issues like developing the new company mobile app, or taking on hyper-convergence or virtualization of the existing network. These are strategic things that impact the bottom line directly. Rather than a cost savings perspective, IT staff can become a cost benefit.
  • Managed services make access to newer technologies more affordable.
    With Managed Services you pay a small percentage of the cost but get all the benefits of an infrastructure purchased by someone else! Consider IT budgets that consist of hardware, software, and maintenance. Anything that can move from capital cost to operational cost has implications for the IT budget.

When considering a MSP, it might help to think of it from their perspective:

  • If you are using the reactive or “break/fix” model of IT support,  it’s in your MSP’s financial interest for you to have as many problems as possible.
  • If you are using the proactive or “managed services” model of IT support, it’s in your MSP’s financial interest for you to have as few problems as possible.

Think about it. Which would you rather have?

Data Revolution is a Pensacola Managed Service Provider offering VoIP,  business phone systems,  SIP Trunks, SIP extensions, business grade data including fiber optic data, data backup including cloud backup, IT support, and more.

Are you thinking about hiring a Pensacola Managed Service Provider? Contact Data Revolution today and let us go over your options.


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About the Author:

Jay Smith is the Managing Partner of a Pensacola IT Support Company called Data Revolution. Data Revolution provides IT support services and supports cloud based technology services for small and medium businesses in Northwest Florida in and around Pensacola FL. Their mission is to make cloud technology easy and affordable for small and medium businesses while fostering a work environment for its teammates that recognizes and rewards great customer service and long term relationships. Smith is a VoIP voice and data solution design veteran with almost 20 years of experience in professional sales and sales management in both telecommunications and technology.