Cloud Backup – 5 Keys to Choosing the Right Cloud Backup Provider

//Cloud Backup – 5 Keys to Choosing the Right Cloud Backup Provider

Cloud Backup – 5 Keys to Choosing the Right Cloud Backup Provider

Cloud Backup is currently a Billion Dollar Industry.  It is projected to be over $4 Billion by 2022.  Obviously, more companies and more data will be moving to cloud based solutions.  Several factors are pushing this upward trend:

  • Many industries are regulated and by law they have to keep data for a certain amount of time.
  • Enough people have experienced a loss of data, and they know how painful it is.
  • Costs for encrypted, dependable cloud backup are becoming more reasonable.

Here are 5 MUST HAVE Features for Your Cloud Backup Solution


– For many industries, data stored in the cloud is required to be encrypted.  HIPPA and  PCI compliance requires it.  Even if it isn’t required by law, you should still require it from your solution.  Even the largest companies with paid IT security staffs are vulnerable to data breaches.  If your data is breached, wouldn’t you prefer it to be encrypted?  SSL key based encryption is good, and AES 256 encryption is better.  That is the standard that the NSA uses for all Top Secret Government Data.  Make sure the solution you choose uses a high standard.


– Make sure your data backup provider uses this technology.  Costs for stored data are by the Gigabyte.  Deduplication is a fancy word that means data is compressed using an algorithm that eliminates duplicate data.  If a file is stored on your server in multiple folders, the backup solution you are using should be smart enough to only store one copy of it in the cloud.  Especially if you are dealing with files or images with multiple versions.


– In the old days, there was tape backup.  If the taped ejected overnight, everything was supposed to be fine.  I cannot tell you how many times in the last 15 years I have helped companies that lost data or a server, and went to the backup to get their data back, and the data was corrupt.  There ABSOLUTELY MUST be a way to verify that the data being backed up is accessible, and valid.  Don’t take anyone’s word for it.  You need some method to see that your data is accessible in the backup verification.  Make your perspective vendors show you in their demo.  Note…make sure you see the demo!

Fast Seeding Process

– Seeding the initial backup is very important.  If you have a lot of data coupled with a slow Internet connection it could take days or weeks to get the initial copy to the cloud using your bandwidth.  The best cloud backup solutions understand this, and bring a storage device out to your site, take the initial copy of the data, then overnight that to their data center.  This is the best way to get a good baseline of your data quickly.  Make sure this is part of the process.

Disaster Recovery

– What do you get when something happens and you lose access to your data?    The answer: downtime.  Downtime costs real money.  Does your business know the cost of downtime?  You should because its really expensive.  It is imperative that you understand the exact process for getting your data back.

Every backup solution has a way to access a file on a server that was deleted, but that isn’t what I mean.  I am talking about the what happens if a server dies?  The best backup solutions use equipment and software that will act as a virtual version of your server.  That means you are only down for a few minutes as opposed to days or weeks.

Also, when you are evaluating cloud based solutions, what happens if the site completely floods and our equipment is under water? Make sure your cloud solution has data that you can access from a hotel room in another state from your laptop or tablet RIGHT NOW!

We Offer Robust Cloud Backup Services

Data Revolution, a Pensacola cloud backup provider, offers cloud backup services that are robust and offer all of these features and more. Whether you go with Data Revolution cloud backup services or someone else, just make sure you choose a vendor that has a good answer for all 5 must have features!  It will save you a lot of heartache and money when you have  a data disaster!

We work all along the Gulf Coast, including Gulf Breeze, and all of Escambia and Santa Rosa County, Baldwin County Alabama, and Okaloosa County. We are excited about working with you and would be happy to assess your cloud backup needs and come up with the best solution at the best price.

Contact Data Revolution  today!

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About the Author:

Jay Smith is the Managing Partner of a Pensacola IT Support Company called Data Revolution. Data Revolution provides IT support services and supports cloud based technology services for small and medium businesses in Northwest Florida in and around Pensacola FL. Their mission is to make cloud technology easy and affordable for small and medium businesses while fostering a work environment for its teammates that recognizes and rewards great customer service and long term relationships. Smith is a VoIP voice and data solution design veteran with almost 20 years of experience in professional sales and sales management in both telecommunications and technology.